Seroscreening in the hotel industry

One of the challenges that hotels face during the pandemic is maintaining their clients’ trust in the safety of their installations. Therefore, their principal action should be to deep clean the rooms according to the health authority recommendations. Reviewing air conditioning systems to ensure proper filtration and air circulation is also very important. Obviously, good hygiene practices should also be followed: hand washing, mask wearing and social distancing.

Using seroscreening with hotel personnel can help reassure the guests about the health safety of the hotel. The frequency of the seroscreening can be adapted to the epidemiological risk of the area and vary between daily and weekly reviews supervised by the health authorities. A poll by McKinsey & Company noted that seroscreening guests as the arrive at the hotel was the second highest action valued by the guests themselves, second only to a deep clean of the rooms.

Systematically verifying personnel can not only help detect possible carriers, it can motivate workers to follow recommended hygiene procedures and avoid risky behavior.

Seroscreening can also be an additional tool that gives an early warning to the health system. There should be a protocol agreed upon with the health authorities in the event of the detection of possible carriers among personnel or guests.