Electronic prescription creation

To facilitate data management, clients are offered a system for creating electronic prescriptions for the seroscreening participants. Electronic prescriptions are generated with a unique identifier for each participant which is anonymized by the platform, thereby creating a document similar to a boarding card that the participant can print or carry in their mobile phone on the day of their visit.

This system offers two advantages at once:

  • The generation of electronic prescriptions for all of the participants, which can be used once or multiple times.
  • The anonymization of the participants’ personal data. If they lose the prescription, no personal data can be accessed.

To create the prescriptions, the client sends Linkcare a list of identifiers for the participants. Linkcare returns two files:

  • A list of participants, their prescription number, the kind of service requested, the period during which it is valid, and the number of seroscreening rounds it can be used for.
  • A file with the participants’ QR codes in digital format that the client can distribute to them by email or SMS, or that can be printed on paper and distributed in physical format.

No confidential ID codes?

If the client doesn’t have any confidential id codes, like for example an employee number, center id, or some other number, the state ID number of each participant can be used.

If the state ID number is used, it’s a good idea to follow the recommendations proposed by the AEPD. In general, the following systems will be used to register state ID numbers:

  • The digits in the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th positions (from left to right) will be published. Letters must be avoided.
  • Letters and other numbers not published will be substituted with asterisks.


  • In the case of a state ID number 12345678X, the following code will be published: ***4567**.
  • In the case of a state ID number like L1234567X, since the letters are skipped, the number published will be: ****4567*.
  • If it is a passport with a number like ABC123456, since the letters are skipped, and there are only six digits, the code published will be: *****3456.